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New President of IRC

Mark Halbert has been appointed the new President of IRC. Mark will be taking over for Tim Hines who has served as President for the past four years. Tim Hines has been appointed as Executive Director of International Resourcing and Business Development. These appointments are to give Tim the ability to travel more and discover better opportunities for IRC and it’s affiliates in other countries. Mark Halbert has been an administrator for many years and will bring a new depth of leadership to the U.S. side of IRC. IRC will be meeting with some very influential non-profits and governmental agencies in the near future. Our goal is to connect international resources with local foreign agencies that are reaching out to the poor and needy to help with personal and community development, micro-loan programs, clean water and health initiatives, solar light,  small business directives and educational opportunities. IRC is excited about all the new possibilities that are being made available and we are looking forward to achieving   great progress in this areas during this year. Thanks again to Mark Halbert and Tim Hines and we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

IRC & Torch Build More Homes-2011

Putting people in a house is better than, well, just about anything I can think of…..

Feed The Children Partner Agency

IRC has become a partner agency with Feed the Children/ USA.  God continues to open doors for us to help the poor and needy. Amazing that we can be a part of such a great calling to help and to serve. We hope that you will join our causes to just be used as servants of all mankind. Finding resources and doing what it takes to get those resources to the people who need them. IRC is just a conduit to make that happen but you are or can be the hands and feet that deliver hope to those who suffer for food or clothing, or shelter or just a friend to hold someone’s hand and share your faith with. Reach for the impossible and you will see how rewarding it is to be used in such a powerful way that you will never be satisfied just to serve yourself again. Only you can make the decision to change the world in which you live. So our advise to you is to take a leap of faith.

New Warehouse update!

IRC has expanded our warehouse space in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. There will be some new IRC/Mi Esperanza Offices and a new store location at the same location but a much bigger and updated Store to sell the many products that are hand made by the women of Mi Esperanza. The storage space has been expanded to hold some five containers at any given time. Many TORCH trips send containers ahead of their trips so they can distribute the many items that they have collected through the year to bring the wonderful people of Honduras.

On an upside to service, we would like to involve the groups this summer in helping to clean up and paint a little and help Mi Esperanza make a beautiful atmosphere for the Women of My Hope to learn and be educated to provide for their families in safety while preparing themselves for the work force that they so richly deserve to be a part of.  Please let Mark Connell know that you want to help.

Mammography Bus Donated

What an awesome donation from Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany, Georgia. This bus is fully functional and self containing as a mobile medical and Mammography unit. This unit will be managed and supported by the Fundeih Foundation and the Una Libra de Amor Foundation for outlying regional hospitals that do not have the technology to give breast exams to these rural areas of the country. This fully capable bus will be staffed by Honduran Radiologist that specialize in Mammograms. It will serve some twenty regional hospitals over the next several years and will be a front line diagnosis unit for women that would not have had access to these services before. This Donation was made possible by Tom Gilroy of Millennium Health, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, IRC and the Fundeih Foundation of Honduras. This bus will be unveiled on the Saturday before mother’s day in Tegucigalpa, Honduras by the Honduran Foundations and IRC.

New Donations and Resources 2011

IRC has been blessed with many donations over the last six months. We have shipped twelve containers since last summer. These containers were filled with everything from Hospital supplies, hospital equipment, Mammogram machines, developers, hospital beds, patient tables, guest recliners, IV poles, IV pumps, desk, chairs, medicines, clothes, food, shoes, wheelchairs, crutches, electric wheelchairs, 25,000 christmas toys, computers, monitors, washing machines, care packages and furniture. God has been good and has put some special donors in our lives. Thanks to all our donors and for those who made it possible to ship all these donations to Honduras.

IRC food giveaway & children 2010

One of many food giveaways

Our day started at 6 am with a trip to the fresh market in Tegucigalpa. Poor people rarely receive fresh food. Our teams were given Limpera and divided into groups to shop for specific foods. (green vegetables,carrots, potatoes, onions, fruits, ect) Our Lowes Buckets were perfect to provide protection to the fresh food and gave the people a bucket for carrying and collecting water. 150 families received food they did not expect as a result of this effort. We ran out of food and dug through the bus and found a few bags of beans. As a 10 year old child was handed a bag of beans she lit up like a kid at Christmas over a simple bag of beans.

WOW WHAT A SUMMER, By Mark and Lori Connell

Stardate 9.15.2010….
From the ready room, the work of summer clean up has begun…reports, web and Facebook updates, emails, receipts….. all the stuff that seems to pile up during the haze we call deep space summer. Mission MATT.25:38ff started with a group of 105 and ended with a group of 3 a…nd we had everything in between, and right in between we went where no man has gone before with a group of more than 160 and 4 groups at once! We soon realized that resistance was futile and moved at warp speed to figure how to transport, feed, and water that many people at one time in a country where warp anything is unheard of and not understood…..Dagnabit Jim!

All kidding aside it was an incredible summer and so much was accomplished to benefit the poor here in Honduras all because of the love and dedication of so many. All of our TORCH Missions teams were filled with volunteers who did not lack in enthusiasm, courage and determination. Everyday, volunteers invaded the city and worked diligently to improve the lives of those living in extreme poverty knowing that with each action the love and mercy of The Christ was being poured out over a hurting and desperate country. Mother Teresa once said, “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.” For a people who can look to no one and nowhere for help, the work done here in His service over the past few months became a direct reminder that they are not forgotten, that they are not unwanted, unloved, or uncared for. Thanks to all of you that continue to make all of this a reality.

In just over 2 months, or 8 weeks, or 60 days, or 1440 hours, how ever you choose to look at it…more than 80 homes were built for the homeless, thousands of bags of food delivered to hungry families, visits to orphans at nearly a dozen different children’s homes, inmates at the juvenile girls prison where ministered to and given a clinic (the first in 15 years!), hospital prayer ministry took place nearly everyday, medical and dental clinics held in remote locations and in city villages for people who otherwise have no medical care, concrete mixed and poured for a variety of projects, land leveled for a woman and her handicapped son to receive a home, food and clean water shared at the local dump community, a community daycare painted, new fence and new playground added, etc etc etc. It is amazing to watch and be a part of such an amazing amount of work.

Connell / Sawyer Group arrives today

Well it is official! Game on. This group begins the summer rush in Tegucigalpa and Marc Tindall’s groups are starting up in Santa Ana. These groups will be helping out the needy. Building some houses, visiting children’s homes, hospitals and delivering food, clothes and bibles to those who are in the path that God has laid out for our many groups this summer.

There will also be seven containers arriving in the next couple of weeks that will bring some much needed supplies. Two of these containers are loaded with donated hospital supplies. One is for some ministry happening at Lago Yahoa, with a well drilling machine directed by Mark Fitz. One is for ministries directed by Marty Smith from Georgia, One is from Terry Reeves for his group arriving on the 28th of June. One is from Tim Hines for his group arriving on the 14th. One is from Gayle Davidson for her group on the 14th. Mercy that is a lot of stuff. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Giving freely is a blessing that so many are involved in and many have sacrificed to make it all happen. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Hospital Donation May 2010

Saint Vincent Hospital made a generous donation of  hospital beds, tables, chairs, night stands, stretchers, desk, reader boxes, refrigerator, fax machines, shower stalls, exam tables, exam lights, special ophthalmic table, patient monitors and many other needed amenities. This donation will be distributed to several needy hospitals in Honduras. Let me thank the good folks at Saint Vincent Hospital for going beyond the call of duty in loading two containers and getting them on their way to the poor and needy. Kathryn Sokol and Ray Dorocher were an awesome team to work with. Thanks to Ray for getting a team together to make it all happen.  Also thanks to Vanguard Health and the role they had in assisting with these donations.

The next couple of weeks will be very exciting in Honduras.