Cleft Palate Brigade

This was our third cleft palate brigade to the country of Honduras. Led by Dr. David Long and Dr. Smythe Rich from Columbia, SC., the team of twelve came in on Saturday and evaluated about 40 cases. Some children were repeats and the doctors were really excited to see the children again. They did surgeries all week long at the 24th of July hospital located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. (See corresponding article). The team was also able to build a house for a family of three in Mololoa, a suburb of the capital city. It was the first time any of them had built a house and they had an awesome time. Twenty seven surgeries were performed and all the patients were excited to be served by these doctors, anethstesiologist, nurses, translators and support staff. Thank you for donating your time and skills to help those who could never afford this opportunity. I can’t wait for trip number four. Our plan at this time is to have another cleft palate brigade for November 2010. For more information please contact Dr. David Long at Spaces are limited so sign up soon.