Connell / Sawyer Group arrives today

Well it is official! Game on. This group begins the summer rush in Tegucigalpa and Marc Tindall’s groups are starting up in Santa Ana. These groups will be helping out the needy. Building some houses, visiting children’s homes, hospitals and delivering food, clothes and bibles to those who are in the path that God has laid out for our many groups this summer.

There will also be seven containers arriving in the next couple of weeks that will bring some much needed supplies. Two of these containers are loaded with donated hospital supplies. One is for some ministry happening at Lago Yahoa, with a well drilling machine directed by Mark Fitz. One is for ministries directed by Marty Smith from Georgia, One is from Terry Reeves for his group arriving on the 28th of June. One is from Tim Hines for his group arriving on the 14th. One is from Gayle Davidson for her group on the 14th. Mercy that is a lot of stuff. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Giving freely is a blessing that so many are involved in and many have sacrificed to make it all happen. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!