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Gayle Reports: I left Port au Prince this morning at 6 am. and was transfered to a second bus at 8 am.. We drove to the border of the Dominican Republic where we spent 4 hours waiting to be cleared by the Haitian authorities. We then began our long 8 hr. trip across the Dominican landscape. Everybody on the bus was exhausted and speechless. The stark contrast between the two worlds was like something out of a movie. My heart is shattered with grief but the smiles of the few were worth it all. knowing that many will be able to recover from their surgeries and injuries with little to no pain or infection. I have been reflecting on what all happened in my life in the last 3 weeks that put me in contact with so many people who cared for those they have never met, nor will they. But God’s plan was made perfect through the willing and the able. From the smallest to the greatest. I will explore all the angles and communicate my conclusions in a few days; after I have had time to process it all. What I do know is that God is mighty to save and that His plan is perfect. More on this later.

I am in Dominican in a safe house with great people. I will try to fly home tomorrow but there are so many people trying to get home. We will see what happens, if I don’t get out tomorrow I will be able to spend more time reflecting and then home on Sunday.