Haiti Report Feb. 4, 2010 Click here for full report!

Gayle reports: Got 4th IRC Medical team out of Haiti today. Haiti is closing border and today decided to suspend all military flights out of Port au Prince. Also commercial flights being suspended to Port au Prince. Have delivered all medical supplies to appropriate agencies. We packed out 13,000 lbs. of food, ( me and 10 girls ), out to local churches and tent cities with another 8,000 lbs. coming in today. Have seen more patients than I can count. I have done my best to help ease Roberta’s burden here at the children’s home so she can be free to do other administrative functions. Cooked dinner for 52 people last night and had the joy of washing dishes for three hours. Church was nice at the compound last night. I am working on getting a bus ticket out of Haiti but all buses are full at the moment.It has been a productive week and I have been blessed by the experience. God bless Roberta and the work she is managing here. It is a huge task, (not for the weak or the lazy). Gayle