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Construction Projects


Number of houses: X $1,200.00 each = $

Where would you like to build your houses?
 Los Pinos Santa Ana San Miguel Mololoa Valle de Angeles Nueve Oriental Other


 We plan on continuing building playgrounds wherever needed. We need to purchase hardware but will need to order lumber for the job. Cost of playground is approximately $2,000

Training Centers:

 Need donations of computers, office supplies, medical suppies and fabrics for training people throughout the country and give them a way of making a living and feeding their families.


 Build a school or classrooms. We will need funds to order lumber, concrete, tin, and hardware to complete the job.

Construction supplies:

 Need forklift for warehouse, dolly’s and storage shelving.

 Clinica de Esperanza bodega (see work projects below)


 Hospital San Felipe Blind School Casa de Esperanza Didasko Orphanage Special Needs Orphanage The Good Shepherd Children’s Home (Zanmarano) Casita Kennedy Orphanage Jovenes en Camino Children’s Home (Zanmarano) Valley of Angels Orphanage Prison Ministry Jimmy Hughes Children’s Home Other

Food Distribution

 No Yes If yes, # of orders X #1,250.00 each = $ (each order of food will break down to make approximately 220 +/- family size bags of food)

Special request / instructions:


Vacation Bible School

 We plan on doing a vacation Bible school and the location has already been selected. If so, the VBS will be for at

Adult Bible Study

 We are planning on having adult Bible studies and the location has been selected. If so, the Bible Studies will be for at


 Yes, we want to order Bibles. Order # paperback New Testament Bibles @ $1.19 each = $
Order # hardback Bibles (OT & NT) @ $12.00 each = $

Work Projects

 Organizing the Torch / IRC warehouse for days

 Santa Ana clinic (@ the Casa property) for days

Painting projects

 We would like to buy paint to paint houses We would like to buy paint to paint classrooms We would like to buy paint to paint a church building We would like to buy paint to paint a school We would like to buy paint to paint furniture, desks, chairs, tables, etc We would like to buy paint to paint at a hospital or clinic

Landscaping projects

 We would be interested in purchasing plants, trees, or flowers to plant We would be interested in purchasing mulch, timbers, etc for landscaping projects We would be interested in purchasing concrete to do sidewalks, retaining walls, etc

Carpentry projects

 We would be interested in purchasing materials to build bunk beds and furniture We would be interested in purchasing lumber to build church pews and tables

Clinica de Esperanza (Permanent Medical Clinic in Santa Ana Honduras)

 We need funds to pay the physician, nurse, guard, medications, power and water bills.  We need a team to build extra bodega at the clinic in Santa Ana, Cost will be $2800 Entrance to clinic needs entryway modified around sidewalk with plants.  Need Pharmaceutical donations Need office supplies

Village Medical Clinics

 We would like to assist with medical clinics in Honduras. If so, then:
 We do have medical personnel that are licensed to write prescriptions* We are bringing our own medicines and do not need the Torch / IRC pharmacy We are bringing some of our medicines and would like to access the pharmacy We are not bringing medicines and will need access to the pharmacy.

All medical teams must have a licensed professional that can write prescriptions in order to access certain medicines such as anti-biotic and behind the counter medicines.

Medical Supplies

 Need hospital equipment, Mammogram machines, stretchers, Hospital Beds, Diagnostic equipment. Must be in full working order. Manuals preferred.  Ambulances, Stretchers, and Fire trucks needed.


 We would like to bring or ship supplies to be given away. We have a plan and location to disperse these supplies.

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