Haiti News from Gayle

I landed Dominican Republic on monday morning and stayed with Norm Currington and we left at 3am on Tuesday morning at Port au Prince.  We were greeted at the border by what seemed like 1 million refugees, no American Soldiers at the border, and then we looked in the distance and we saw Roberta, an angel in Haiti, who runs a childrens home, with 31 kids.  She lost her 15 year old son during the earthquake as he got kids out of the building.  I am at her compound safe with some other Americans and a retired U.S. Military man to watch over us.  Yesterday we packed out 8000 pounds of donated food and we passed it out through the gate.  The gates were overwhelmed by people as the food came to an end.  We were lucky we did not have more.  I have been able to deliver the much needed medications to the tent hospital that I am working out of.  I cannot believe the misery I am seeing.  My heart is truly torn.  There are so many needs, not enough time.  I was able to help Luke locate the shipment from Harris Corporation and he was glad to have fresh supplies to give out. The U.S. Military has stopped flying out Americans, so we will have to get a bus back to the Dominican Border on Friday or Saturday.  This trip will take about 14 hours.  All is well, God is good.  Pray for the homeless refugees of Haiti.

Gayle Davidson

IRC Medical Director

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